Présentations par affiche

Date: Vendredi, 28 avril, 2023 | Heure: 17h 00 à 18h 00 HAP

Les résumés choisis paraîtront dans un numéro spécial du Canadian Journal of Cardiology en avril 2023. 

En anglais seulement. 

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In-person Presentations

Location: Pan Pacific Hotel, Suite 300-999 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia. Open in Maps

Virtual Presentations

Location: Zoom Webinar - delegates will receive an email containing the Zoom link one week prior to the session. 

In-Person Presentations

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Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Lifestyle Behaviours in Premenopausal Females
N Szakun, S Liva, A Wolff, A Coté

  • Presenter: Anita Coté


Analysis of Sex-Specific Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Premenopausal Females
N Szakun, S Liva, A Wolff, M Bodner, M Kim, A Coté

  • Presenter: Natalie Szakun 


An Exploratory Analysis of the Experiences of Women Living with Heart Failure
O Desmarais, S Doucette, M Desbiens, A Nash, J Ratz, H Lannon, J Code, M Bains, A Ducharme, S Virani, and MP Lindsay

  • Presenter: Madison Desbiens


Association Between Objectively Measured Sleep Characteristics and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Females Aged 50+ 
E Rishis, D Sibley, S Small, R Christensen, A Dojutrek, O Lee, A Govette, S High, C Sabiston, S Neil-Sztramko, J Gillen, A Kirkham 

  • Presenter: Elia Rishis


Association of Human Milk Fatty Acid Composition with Maternal Cardiometabolic Diseases: An Exploratory Prospective Cohort Study
N Scime, S Turner, K Miliku, E Simons, T Moraes, C Field, S Turvey, P Mandhane, P Subbarao, M Azad 

  • Presenter: Natalie Scime


Can a Question-Prompt Tool Improve Communication about Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (HDP): Qualitative Interviews with Women and Clinicians
S Sino, J Edmonds, M Theodorlis, MS Lyons, J Ramlakhan, K Nerenberg, AR Gagliardi

  • Presenter: Sara Sino


Cardiovascular Disease in Women: A Qualitative Study of Quebec Coroner's Reports from 2002 to 2017
EK Harchaoui

  • Presenter: Elsa-Karine Harchaoui


Data Quality and the Feasibility of Assessing the Cardiac Rehabilitation Quality Indicators in Manitoba, Canada
JL Hay, GKD McDonald, R Pryce, GG Giesbrecht, TA Duhamel 

  • Presenter: Jacqueline Hay


Depressive and Cognitive Comorbidity in Individuals with Heart Failure: A Descriptive Analysis
V Tseung, AB Eddeen, JD Edwards

  • Presenter: Victrine Tseung


Sex-Specific Impacts of Depressive and Cognitive Comorbidity on Self-Care and Quality of Life in Women with Heart Failure: A Narrative Review and Key Informant Perspectives
V Tseung, A Johnston, P Lindsay, S Visintini, JD Edwards

  • Presenter: Victrine Tseung


Development And Validation of Algorithms to Identify Transgender Women and Men in Administrative Healthcare Data: A Protocol
CL Rytz, R Somayaji, PE Ronksley, N Saad, SM Dumanski, SR Raj, D Collister, SB Ahmed

  • Presenter: Chantal Rytz


Serum Estradiol Levels and Cardiovascular Risk Associated with Gender-Affirming Hormone use in Transgender Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
C Rytz, K Turino Miranada, PE Ronskley, N Saad, SM Dumanski, R Somayaji, SR Raj, H Ganshorn, SB Ahmed

  • Presenter: Chantal Rytz


Detecting Intimate Partner Violence to Mitigate Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Comprehensive Review
J Mann, M Kennedy, K Hegadorn, C Norris

  • Presenter: Jamie Mann


Diagnosing Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Syndromes: Overlapping Presentations of CMD and Vasospasm in a Female (M)INOCA Cohort.
K Besler, E Théberge, K Humphries, T Sedlak

  • Presenter: Katrina Besler


Differences in Cardiovascular Risk Factors Associated with Biological Sex, But Not Gender Expression, in Young, Healthy Adults: A Preliminary Analysis.
JS Williams, JL Cheng, E Wiley, JC Stone, MJ MacDonald

  • Presenter: Jennifer Williams


Educating Medical Students About Weight-Inclusive Care
K. Van Volkenburg, K. Wind

  • Presenter: Kevala Van Volkenburg


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Increased Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease in a Canadian Population Cohort
M Ghosh, W Ting, J Bakal, P Raggi, H Becher, D Vine

  • Presenter: Donna Vine


Impact of the Metabolic Syndrome on Left Ventricular Structure and Function in Women with Aortic Stenosis
A Paquin, ME Piché, L Tastet, É Bédard, M Arsenault, P Pibarot, MA Clavel.

  • Presenter: Amelie Paquin


Improving Staff’s Knowledge on Women’s Heart Health
N Parast, S Wong, K Murfitt, S LeBlanc, A Paquin, A Charlebois, D Younger-Lewis, H Tulloch, T Lafreniere, T Coutinho, H Van Ryn, B Bowes, B Quinlan

  • Presenter: Nazli Parast


Investigating Risk Factor Profiles of Women with Early-Onset Presentation of Obstructive and Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Syndromes
E. Théberge, D. Vikulova, S. Pimstone, L. Brunham, K. Humphries, T. Sedlak

  • Presenter: Emilie Theberge


Investigating Self-Rated Angina Severity by Migraine Status in Female Patients with Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Syndromes
C Wong, N Menon, E Théberge, K Humphries, T Sedlak

  • Presenter: Chenille Wong


Jigging our Health: Cardiovascular Benefits of a Red River Jigging Intervention for Saskatchewan Females
N Mainra, J Lafleur, S Moore, H Foulds

  • Presenter: Nisha Mainra


Myocardial Infarction Within 30 days of Discharge from an Emergency Department: A Descriptive Study of Albertan Women
N L Tegg, S Ahmed, O Shlakhter, C M Norris

  • Presenter: Nicole Tegg


Nutrition as a Lifestyle Modification to Decrease Cardiovascular Risk in Women after Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Systematic Review
M Macphail, S Juul, K Wollny, K Nerenberg, J Negre

  • Presenter: Meghan Macphail


Physiological Considerations for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) in Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD): A Case Series
L Cotie and C Carvalho, M Madan, R Nijhawan, P Oh, T Colella

  • Presenter: Lisa Cotie


Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC): Sex Differences in Autonomic Abnormalities and Symptoms 
R Hira, T Siddiqui, J Baker, S Ranada, A Soroush, K Karalasingham, H Ahmad, CA Morillo, RS Sheldon, SR Raj

  • Presenter: Rashmin Hira


Sex and Gender Differences in Metabolic Syndrome: Findings From the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network
R Dev, H Behlouli, M Parry, V Raparelli, CM Norris, L Pilote, on behalf of the GOING-FWD Consortium

  • Presenter: Rubee Dev


Sex- and Gender-Specific Reporting in Antihypertensive Literature Informing Clinical Guidelines for Hypertension Management
N Gulamhusein, K Miranda, S Dumanski, S Ahmed

  • Presenter: Nabilah Gulamhusein


Serum Estradiol and Cardiovascular Events in Postmenopausal Individuals: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis
N Gulamhusein, K Miranda, S Ahmed, A Leung, K Tang, J Adekanye, S Butalia

  • Presenter: Nabilah Gulamhusein


Public coverage of Period Products and Contraception in Canada
E Niazi, V Riehl-Tonn, E Brennand, J Shaw, R King, SM Dumanski, SB Ahmed

  • Presenter: Elaha Niazi


The Effect of Hormone Administration on Future Cardiovascular Risk in Females Treated with In-Vitro Fertilization: An Exploratory Physiology Study Protocol
E Niazi, SB Ahmed, S Foong, V Riehl-Tonn, A Metcalfe, K Nerenberg, T Coutinho, SM Dumanski

  • Presenter: Elaha Niazi


Sex-Differences in Stress Burden and Markers of Cardiac Inflammation —A Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study    
M Moukarzel, E Hillier, Y Zhang, M Khaki, MG. Friedrich, JM. Luu

  • Presenter: Dr. Judy Luu


Stroke Volume and Not Exaggerated Peripheral Chemoreceptor Activity Drives Postural Hyperventilation in Female POTS Patients
J Baker, A Incognito, S Ranada, R Sheldon, A Phillips, R Wilson, S Raj

  • Presenter: Jacqui Baker


The Association Between Placenta-Mediated Diseases of Pregnancy and Postpartum Maternal Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Systematic Review
E Mery, E Clark-Campbell, H Poisson, S Benton, SA Bainbridge

  • Presenter: Erika Mery


The Effect of Yoga on Women’s Cardiovascular Health: A Systematic Review
B Haessel, E Pituskin, S McDermott, A Van Damme, C Norris

  • Presenter: Brandi Haessel


The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Cardiovascular Health in Postmenopausal Females: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
E Huynh, E Wiley, KS Noguchi, H Fang, MK Beauchamp, MJ MacDonald, A Tang

  • Presenter: Eric Huynh


The Female Risk Factors for Post-Infarction Depression and Anxiety (FRIDA) Study: Quality of Life and MACE Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome
K Liblik, R Hu, E Theberge, Z Gomes, A Borrie, S Mulvagh, T Sedlak, G Foldes-Busque, S Blissett, B Hansen, A Polyak, J Udell, M Gulati, A Johri

  • Presenter: Kiera Liblik


Trends in Women Editorial Authorship in Cardiothoracic Surgery Journals Between 2018 and 2022
Z Gomes, K Liblik, M Kim, E Lee, N Travis, M El Diasty

  • Presenter: Zoya Gomes


Women's Knowledge Of Future Cardiovascular Risk Associated With Complications of Pregnancy: A Systematic Review to Explore the Interventions, Clinical Measures/Scales, and Knowledge Outcomes in Qualitative and Quantitative Studies.
G Ghisi, L Banks, L Cotie, C Pollock, K Nerenberg, G Smith, T Colella

  • Presenter: Tracey Colella


Increased Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction in Women with Ischemia But No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease: Novel insight from Strain Imaging
SK Zamani, JD Mireles, M Shrestha, J Wei, Y Kao, EM Handberg, CJ Pepine, RB Thompson, CN Bairey Merz, MD Nelson

  • Presenter: Sauyeh Zamani


Virtual Presentations


Impact of Sex on Quality-of-Care Outcomes of Cardiac Arrest Patients in an Academic Tertiary-Care Center  
J Beaulieu, H Ouazani Chahdi, G Hornstein, A Matteau, S Mansour, F Gobeil, J Potvin, BJ Potter

  • Presenter: Juliette Beaulieu


Patient Perspective on the Efficacy of Health Behaviour Counselling After a Hypertensive Disorder of Pregnancy: A Mixed-Methods Study
L Dubrofsky, T Anpalagan, S Gundy

  • Presenter: Tharani Anpalagan


Remodeling of the Maternal Mitral Valve During Pregnancy: A Recapitulation of Fetal Development?
S Wells, M Martin

  • Presenter: Sarah Wells


Insomnia and Anxiety Among Patients with Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: Preliminary data from the PsySCAD Study  
H Tulloch, S Mulvagh, C Pacheco,S Liu, J Saw, K Bouchard, A Chiarelli, K Lalande, H Robert, N Lappa and T Coutinho

  • Presenter: Dr. Heather Tulloch


Early Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease is Associated with Elevated Remnant Cholesterol and ApoB-lipoproteins in Young Women with and without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
X Wu, M Wilke, M Ghosh, P Raggi, H Becher, D Vine

  • Presenter: Xiaoying Wu


Differential Motif and Transcription Factor Binding Predictions Link to ULK4 Gene Polymorphisms and Associated with Essential Hypertension in Caucasian Females
J Kaur, A Prejbisz, A Januszewicz, F.H.H Leenen, F Tesson

  • Presenter: Dr. Jasdeep Kaur