2021 Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit

2021 Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit
Women’s Cardiovascular Health Puzzle: Connecting the Pieces to Understand the Whole

Participate in 13 hours of accredited, on-demand learning with Canadian and international experts in women’s cardiovascular health. 

Content will be available on the virtual platform until February 9, 2022


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Proudly hosted by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Heart & Stroke, the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit is the only event of its kind and has become the national reference point for health professionals seeking up-to-date knowledge of women’s heart health.

Building on the success of the 2016 and 2018 Summits, we have assembled national and international experts and stakeholders to further advance women’s heart, brain, and vascular health. Together, we will transform and enhance Canadian women’s lives through research, awareness, policy development, and care.

This is an accredited opportunity for knowledge exchange for a variety of stakeholders including primary care providers, cardiologists, neurologists, gynecologists, pharmacists, nurses, cardiac rehabilitation providers, allied healthcare providers, researchers, policy-makers, community partners, and women with lived experience.


  • Bring together national and international leaders, knowledge-users, and women with lived experience to strengthen our capacity to develop and disseminate strategies to improve heart, brain, and vascular health among women.
  • Identify emerging areas in research and clinical practice centered upon heart, brain, and vascular conditions affecting women across their lifespan.
  • Delineate strategies for addressing the gaps in research and clinical practice for heart, brain, and vascular disease in women, improving risk stratification, diagnosis, and therapy from a sex and gender perspective.
  • Promote networking among clinicians, scientists, policy-makers, and women with lived experience, facilitating translation of knowledge that will ultimately improve the health of women.

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This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by the University of Ottawa’s Office of Continuing Professional Development. You may claim a maximum of 13.0 hours (credits are automatically calculated). This one-credit-per-hour Group Learning program meets the certification criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been certified by the University of Ottawa’s Office of Continuing Professional Development for up to 13.0 Mainpro+ credits.