Training and Education

The Training and Education theme is responsible for determining the best methods and means to enhance education and training about specific cardiovascular issues affecting women. Projects target various audiences such as the general public, physicians, nurses, students, and allied health staff in a phased approach.

Listed below are some of the projects and initiatives of the Training and Education theme.

Canadian Women’s Heart Health Education Course & Teaching Toolkit 

In 2017, the CWHHC published results from a national survey identifying a need to increase awareness and knowledge regarding the incidence, prevalence, significance, and management of heart disease in women among Canadian clinicians. To address this need, 9 educational modules have been created, targeting trainees and healthcare professionals within cardiology, general internal medicine, and emergency medicine. Users can access each module for individual learning, or faculty can download the tools to present at their institutions. All modules are free and accredited. 

Learn more and view the modules and toolkit →

Women's Heart Health Curricula in Training Programs

There is a lack of sex- and gender-specific education regarding cardiovascular disease in medical school curricula and clinical training programs in Canada. This gap may play a role in the persistent disparities in clinical care and outcomes experienced by women. In response to this gap, the Training and Education theme is leveraging its 9 accredited education modules and approaching universities to incorporate women’s heart health curriculum into medical schools, nursing, and other allied healthcare programs across Canada. More information coming soon.