CWHHA Member Success Program

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance’s Member Success Program was developed to support our members within their first year of membership and ongoing. This program has two distinct pathways for our research and clinical trainees and patient partners.

Trainee Mentorship Program

The Trainee Mentorship Program is intended to support the professional and personal growth of our medical and research trainee members by offering mentoring and safe spaces to foster opportunities to learn, share and grow, take intelligent risks, and ask tough questions. Our mentors are respected professionals with a passion for developing new talent - Come and learn from the best!

Patient Partner Development Program

Coming Soon! The Patient Partner Development Program arm to support members with lived experience to achieve the best possible participation experience and achieve desired personal impact. Our Patient Partner Development Program is intended to support our patient members to become strong, impactful, and authentic partners, by building understanding and confidence, and sharing experiences and ideas in a safe and inclusive environment. Stay tuned for more information!

Role Descriptions

Our Mentors

The role of the Mentor is to encourage and support the Mentee to build understanding and confidence to be more successful in their career. It is about helping the Mentee arrive at their own decisions and take action while benefiting from the experience and wisdom of the Mentor.

This is a great opportunity for more experienced CWHHA members to “pay it forward”, and provide insight, learnings and experiences that our trainee members can apply to their own careers.  Mentoring relationships require a willingness to commit from both Mentees and Mentors, and so our goal is to help facilitate the most beneficial relationships while respecting everyone’s limited capacity.

Our Mentees

The role of the Mentee is to build understanding and confidence to be more successful in their career by actively learning, and seeking feedback and guidance on agreed issues. The Mentee should ideally arrive at their own decisions and take action while learning from the experience and wisdom of the Mentor holding more professional or diversified experience!

We are happy to offer this exclusive mentoring experience for our CWHHA Trainee members to request and commit to flexible mentor relationships with more experienced members. 

How it works

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Please note, the Member Success Program is only available for CWHHA members. Click here to join the CWHHA. Once your membership is approved, you will qualify to apply for this program

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