Canadian Women's Heart Health Alliance

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in Canadian women. Sex and gender differences and disparities with respect to CVD awareness, development, identification, and treatment continue to persist.

In 2018, the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance (CWHHA) was established as a network of experts and advocates to develop and disseminate evidence-informed strategies to transform clinical practice and enhance collaborative action on women’s cardiovascular health in Canada. Download a summary of CWHHA Projects & Initiatives here


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Women's Heart Health Curriculum for High Schools

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CWHHA receives Harold N. Seagall Award of Merit at CCS Recognition Awards

This award was created in 1991 in honour of the late Dr. Harold N. Segall, who was a founding Member of the CCS and for many years served as the Society’s Archivist. It is offered in recognition of a significant contribution to the prevention of cardiovascular disease or the promotion of cardiovascular health in Canadians. View all CCC Awards