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“Results show that positive impacts can be made on cardiovascular risk profiles, with an average of 27% reduction in the future risk of heart disease.”

The CardioPrevent® intervention has been tested in a randomized controlled trial.1  It has proven efficacy in helping patients improve risk behaviours as well as reducing 10-year risk of developing CVD.  The translation of CardioPrevent from research into clinical practice has shown excellent results and even larger changes in behaviour and risk than we observed during the clinical trial. Patients attended 89% of scheduled sessions and levels of individual risk behaviours and risk factors improved significantly between baseline and one-year follow-up. Global cardiovascular risk was reduced by a relative 27% over time.  Patient satisfaction is very high: 4.7/5.0.

CardioPrevent provides an evidence-based, tailored primary prevention cardiovascular health program intended for patients at a moderate to high risk of developing CVD. It provides physicians with a systematic process to screen and identify at risk individuals and link them to a personalized primary prevention program.


  1. To support health care providers through the deployment of CVD preventive care models to support lifestyle screening, behavioural counseling and community linkages 
  2. To improve accessibility to CVD risk screening and risk management through community outreach  


How Can Healthcare Providers Get Involved?

Refer Your Patients 

Referral Process

Outreach facilitators will provide support to assist practices with systematic screening of patients to identify at risk individuals who can then be referred to the CardioPrevent Program at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI). Health Coaches from the UOHI CardioPrevent team will provide the program counseling sessions to patients and progress updates to referring physicians/nurse practitioners.

Refer your patients today by completing the CardioPrevent Referral Form and fax to University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s CardioPrevent Program at 613-696-7194. Health Coaches from the UOHI CardioPrevent team will provide the program counseling sessions to patients and progress updates to referring physicians/nurse practitioners. 


Become a Partnered Site

An Outreach Facilitator specialized in risk factor management and program integration from the UOHI CardioPrevent Program will support your site in the implementation of the CardioPrevent Program at your site. 

Phase 1: Introduction and Service Agreement

Introduction to the CardioPrevent program and your Outreach Facilitator. Your Outreach Facilitator will support the preparation and signing of the agreement. 

­Phase 2: Project Planning and Requirements Analysis

Your Outreach Facilitator will work with your site to learn your current workflow practices and complete a needs assessment in order to support implementation of CardioPrevent at your site. 

Phase 3: Training and Program Implementation

Healthcare professionals from within your clinic will participate in a workshop concerning the delivery of the program, counseling principles, mechanics of program delivery and behaviour change techniques used in the program sessions. Licensed organizations will receive complete details of the program protocol with step-by-step instructions in the form of an operating manual and health coach manual. Your Outreach Facilitator will assist with processes related to patient referral, program registration and start date.

Phase 4: Program Launch

Ongoing support from your Outreach Facilitator will support the successful delivery of the program sessions. To support patient education and program delivery, each site will receive:

Risk Factor Education Kits - information on each of the eight modifiable risk factors addressed in the program

Phase 5: Program Evaluation and Refinement

Annual reports will be provided at the end of each year indicating site specific outcomes. These, along with a review of workflow practices, will be used to inform changes in program implementation. 

See the CardioPrevent® Partner Site Summary Document for further details of what’s included.


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“Outreach Facilitators support and work with primary care practices to introduce systematic processes to screen at risk individuals who can then be linked into the CardioPrevent® Program."

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Contact Us

For more information about CardioPrevent, call the Prevention and Wellness Centre at 613-696-7071 or 1-866-399-4432. We can also be reached via e-mail at

University of Ottawa Heart institute
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Ottawa, Ontario
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1 Robert D. Reid, et al. Effect of an intervention to improve the cardiovascular health of family members of patients with coronary artery disease: a randomized trial. CMAJ, January 7, 2014, 186(1), 23-20)