Upcoming Events

Jeanne Fuller Red Dress Event

September 17, 2018, Loch March Golf and Country Club

The Jeanne Fuller Red Dress Charity Golf Classic is back!  Register now and and don't miss this opportunity to meet other women, get valuable heart health information, and enjoy a variety of activities including a golf clinic. For more details on the event, click here.

Rehabilitation for Peripheral Arterial Disease 

July 26, 2018, CTV Morning Live @ 8:15am (EST) 

Learn more about peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and what can be done about it with Dr. Thais Coutinho on CTV Morning Live at 8:15 am on Thursday, July 26. PAD is a painful and debilitating “hardening” of the arteries outside of the heart, which most commonly affects the legs and compromises one’s ability to walk. Supervised, evidence-based walking therapies for PAD lead to long-lasting improvements in walking capacity and quality of life. Watch this video to learn more about rehabilitation for PAD.

Women, Wine & Wisdom

June 15, 2018, West Ottawa Board of Trade

Join our very own Dr. Thais Coutinho for this special event on June 27, 2018! This event is specially designed to bring together women who have ambition, live a full life, possess the will to lead and the ability to make change happen. The evening includes networking, an exhibition space, a beautiful 3-course dinner and a panel discussion on leadership, life balance and legacy. The theme, "Being Brave" will reveal how to become fearless, speak your truth and rise to the challenge by breaking barriers.