Surviving the Holidays

Dec 17 2013

Maureen Monaghan

For a diabetic, the Holidays can be challenging.  For me, Christmas is all about gathering with friends and family and where there are gatherings there is always food.  This creates two problems – temptation and portion control. 

So, I have developed a few defence mechanisms to help me through the season.  I like to entertain so I try to host as often as practical so that I have more control over the menu.  I also have become selective about which invitations I accept.  I try to limit myself to just a few parties where I know I’ll have some healthier choices available.  That doesn’t mean I don’t allow myself the occasional treat like a shortbread cookie or dessert with Christmas dinner.  In those cases it’s all about portion control.  However, I have found I have more self control to avoid cookies and chocolate completely than to limit how many I have. So, if I am at a party with lots of tasty treats, I will wait until the plate is almost empty to have my first taste so that the temptation to have another one quickly disappears.  Routine is my best friend during the holidays and I try to spend as much time with him as I can.