I am a Heart Keeper

Women are at the centre of so many decisions for their loved ones, from what to eat and how to schedule busy lives to when it’s time to see the doctor. That’s why we call women the Heart Keepers.

Every day they have the power to improve their own heart health and that of their children, their partners and their parents. Whether you’re just starting to think about heart health or you want support to do more, you need information and tools to help you protect yourself and your family from heart disease.

Begin by learning more about the risk factors for heart disease and how they are different for women. Take the self-assessment test to find your own risk level. Learn about the simple but important changes you can make to your lifestyle and that of your family members to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke. Follow the journey of one Heart Keeper as she chronicles the challenges and rewards of guiding her own family to heart-smart choices.

You’re a Heart Keeper. It’s in your power to reduce heart disease among those you love. Even if you’re the only one making changes at first, you can lead by example. We’ll show you how.

Real Women, Real Stories

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    Heart Keepers

    Lannie's Story

    Lannie is a 65 year old Heart Keeper. She has struggled with her weight for many years while working and caring for a family. Join Lannie as she manages her heart health, and her weight in the process.