Am I a woman at risk?

Medical guidelines outline two main categories of heart disease risk for women: low risk, and moderate to high risk. Being at low risk means you have less than two of the major risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, obesity and family history.

That’s good news, but not a good reason to forget about heart health. How you live your life can have a major impact on your future risk of heart disease. Damage to the arteries, for example, can begin as early as your 20s and continue with no symptoms for many years. Also, having heart-related complications, such as high blood pressure, during pregnancy significantly increases your chances of developing heart disease later in life, and much earlier than the average woman.

Being at moderate to high risk means you have more than two of the major risk factors for heart disease. It’s important that you see your physician and take action to reduce your risk as soon as possible. Learn how to protect your heart health by knowing the risk factors of heart disease, and how to live a heart-healthy life. Learn the symptoms of a heart attack in women so you know when to seek medical care.

The good news is up to 80 per cent of heart disease can be avoided by making smart choices. Better heart health is within your reach – start today!


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    Maureen's Story

    Maureen is a 59 year old woman who is at-risk for heart disease. She has been diagnosed with diabetes. She is on the path to reduce her risk. Follow Maureen as she takes control of her heart health.