The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre aims to reduce heart disease in women by engendering social change–in individuals, in healthcare professionals and in hospitals.

To bring about change, we are building social capital in communities and forging long-term partnerships with other institutions. Face-to-face events help to educate women, galvanize relationships and raise money for our programs, while interaction online or over social media keeps us in touch with women in their day-to-day lives. 

The CWHHC is fortunate to have a supportive community in the Champlain region. We already benefit from several annual events that encourage preventative action and spark engagement with the CWHHC while generating publicity for women’s heart health. 

Annual Jeanne Fuller Red Dress Charity Golf Classic

This fundraising tournament was started in 2007 by a golf club owner named Mark Fuller in recognition of the fact that heart disease is the number one cause of death for women in Canada.  At the urging of the Heart Institute Foundation, Mark agreed that the event would bear his mother’s name, and the Jeanne Fuller Red Dress Golf Classic was born. FOr more information or to register, click here.

2016 Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre is working toward bringing local, provincial and national experts and stakeholders together to talk about how to reduce cardiovascular disease in women in Canada. The goal is to spark change on a large scale by setting a common agenda. Healthcare professionals and experts, government of all levels, researchers, women’s advocates, the private sector: everyone with a stake in the health of women will participate. Through this summit, we will identify the top issues in women’s heart health and propose strategies to respond. As a respected national voice in this area, the CWHHC hopes to challenge the status quo and be the catalyst for a new way of thinking. We want people to leave the summit with the energy and excitement to bring change in their spheres of influence.

Public Education Campaign

The CWHHC aims to improve public understanding of women's cardiovascular disease. Public service appearances in local communities and media and through other educational activities, women can learn how their hearts are different, how their symptoms can be different and when to seek help. A parallel public service educational campaign for women and healthcare providers is proposed to improve the recognition of atypical symptoms in women. The mobile CardioPrevent® program will raise awareness of heart disease within host communities.