Starve a Fever – Feed a Cold

Jun 6 2014

Maureen Monaghan

One of the hardest times to stick to a routine is when you’re not feeling well.  I was reminded of that recently when I had a cold and found myself fighting off cravings for comfort foods, which in my case are usually sweet and full of calories.  With low energy levels and limited enthusiasm for meal preparation, staying the course was a challenge.  However, I was able to draw on several motivators and tools learned last year in my CardioPrevent program. Firstly, I didn’t want to compromise my stable blood-sugar levels. Eating well-balanced meals on a regular schedule is important for my diabetes management.  Secondly, I was grateful for my new practice of planning and preparing my food for an entire week at a time.  Mealtime required little effort since the food was mostly prepared already.  Thirdly, I am now more diligent about only keeping healthy snacks in my house. So when it came to feeding my cold, I was surrounded by good choices and had nothing to feel guilty about afterwards.