Fear of Performing Without a Safety Net

Mar 3 2014

Maureen Monaghan

A few weeks ago I completed the year-long CardioPrevent program offered by the Heart Institute. The one-on-one counselling is the secret to the success of this program. Developing a personalized plan motivated me to make the lifestyle changes I needed to control my diabetes and reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease. And I did! According to the models, I’ve reduced my risk by 54% over the last year. So now what? I feel a strong commitment to demonstrate that the program’s effects are sustainable over the long term. I learned so much and many habits have already become second nature to me. I know exactly what I need to do and feel well-equipped to do it. What I had not anticipated was the intense sense of loss I feel without those regular discussions with my facilitator. I had become quite dependent on her little nudges and words of encouragement to keep me on track. Fortunately, over the last year her voice has taken up residence in my head. She comes with me on holidays, she likes to eat out with me and she regularly chats with me during my exercise sessions. I’m counting on her sticking around for many years to come.