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Post baby heart health

May 10, 2018, Island Morning with Mitch and Matt, CBC Radio, PEI

Dr. Thais Coutinho says once women with high blood pressure or pre-eclempsia have their baby, they may still be at a higher risk for heart disease and stroke...and need to take precautions.

Living with SCAD

May 6, 2018, CTV News Ottawa

Young, healthy and active, Nadia was a victim of a rare and unpredictable heart condition. Learn more about Nadia's story and the condition which researchers believe is the number one casuse fo heart attach in women and women who are pregnant or post-partum.

It's #TimeToSeeRed

April 24, 2018, Facebook Live Session, Heart & Stroke Foundation
We’re now live on Facebook to discuss the gender gap in women’s heart and brain health. Be part of this important conversation and send us your questions and personal experiences in the comments. 

Caring for women's hearts: A deadly gap 

April 11, 2018, TVO 

Heart disease is the leading cause of premature death in women. So why do the majority of them miss the early warning signs of heart attacks? Joining The Agenda to discuss the deadly consequences of the gap in women's cardiac health care are Thais Coutinho, a cardiologist with the University of Ottawa's Heart Institute; Sherry Grace, a senior scientist with the University Health Network and a professor at York University, and Paula Harvey, director of the Cardiovascular Research Program at Women's College Hospital.

Healthy heart summit

April 6, 2018, CTV Ottawa

Dr. Michele Turek gave an interview to Annette Goenrner (CTV Morning Live) around women's heart health and the second Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit which took place April 5-6, 2018 at the Westin Ottawa Hotel. 

Spreading awareness about women's heart health

April 6, 2018, CTV News Ottawa 

A two-day summit in Ottawa aims to provide knowledge about women’s heart health. Includes interviews from: Dr. Thais Coutinho, Dr. Sonia Anand (McMaster University), Punan Gill and Helen Robert.

The burden of heart disease: the voices of women

April 6, 2018, Facebook Live Session, Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit

Live from the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit! Knowledge is power! Four women share their inspiring stories of living with heart disease and answer your questions about what YOU need to know to protect your hearts, be your own best advocates, and how you can support each other in recovery.  

The argument for women-only heart clinics

April 5, 2018, Radio One Ottawa Morning 91.5 FM with Robyn Bresnahan

A new heart clinic has opened in Ottawa aimed specifically at women. Some critics question the need, we hear the case from the doctor in charge.

Having preeclampsia can double a woman’s risk of heart disease 

April 5, 2018, Global News

Women who have had high blood pressure during pregnancy have higher risks of developing various cardiovascular conditions later in life... Includes interviews from Dr. Thais Coutinho, Dr. Kara Nerenberg (University of Calgary) and Punam Gill.  

Heart disease clinic for women in Halifax a dream come true for cardiologist

February 9, 2018, CBC News Halifax

Clinic needed because heart disease looks different in women and is often underdiagnosed...

Heart disease in Canadian women misdiagnosed, under-treated: Heart and Stroke

February 1, 2018, CTV Ottawa

Lisa McDonnell speaking about women's heart health and the Canadian Women's Heart Health Centre

February 16, 2017, CTV Morning Live