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The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance consists of over 55 members from across Canada. Our membership is comprised  of clinicians, scientists, allied health, and program managers, and 14 patient partners with various professional  and personal experiences in advocacy, education, knowledge translation, law, telecommunications, engineering, human resources,  and psychology.

The Alliance is comprised of an Executive Steering Committee, International and Patient Advisory Committees, four Working Groups and a Secretariat.

Alliance governance structure

Executive Steering Committee


The  Executive  Steering Committee provides  guidance as needed to the activities  of the various CWHHA committees and working  groups to ensure that all activities are aligned  with the mission and vision of the Alliance. Executive Steering Committee membership includes:

  • Chief  of the UOHI  Division of Prevention  and Rehabilitation
  • Deputy  Chief, UOHI  Division of Prevention  and Rehabilitation
  • Co-Chairs of  the Patient Advisory  Committee
  • Chairs  of the Alliance  Working Groups
  • Representatives from partner organizations and other appointed members, as and if identified.








The purpose of the Secretariat is to facilitate the growth and development of the Alliance into a national leader in the promotion of partnership, collaboration, dissemination and implementation of best practices in women’s heart health across Canada. The Secretariat is a convening body that provides operational and communications support, knowledge brokering, builds membership engagement, maintains records and coordinates stakeholders. The Secretariat provides its support through the Canada Women’s Heart Health Centre at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.





Patient Advisory Committee

Co-chaired by Ms. Jackie Ratz and Ms. Karen E. Jacques

The  Patient  Advisory Committee provides credible,  reliable insight and information on what  matters most to patients. This includes,  but is not limited to, raising awareness of  emerging issues, supporting the development of patient-oriented  projects, and identifying innovative knowledge translation and mobilization  approaches.



International Advisory Committee

Formalization Pending

The International Advisory Committee will provide the international expertise of women’s  cardiovascular health issues related to knowledge translation and mobilization, training and education, advocacy and health systems and policy


Working Groups


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The  Canadian  Women's  Heart Health  Centre(CWHHC) is  based at the University  of Ottawa Heart Institute.  The University of Ottawa Heart  Institute has flourished into one  of Canada's most distinguished heart  health centres for the unparalleled care  it provides to its patients, a world-renowned  research Institute that brings science from bench  to bedside, and the country's main influencer when  it comes to preventing heart disease. Its promise remains  the very pillar on which it was built: Always putting patients  first.