I am a woman with heart disease?

They said “Don’t vacuum for four weeks,” but what about sex? 

Whether newly diagnosed or recovering from a heart attack or angioplasty, women with heart disease have many questions about their condition, their care and their prognosis. There’s a new list of do’s and don’ts, everything from medication and procedures to diet and exercise.  It’s important to talk to your doctor about your concerns, and seek reliable advice about your options from sources you trust, including the Canadian Women’s Centre for Heart Health.

When it comes to sex, talk to your doctor and listen to your own body. Generally everything you’re advised to do after receiving a heart-disease diagnosis – exercise, eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, reduce stress, quit smoking – has benefits in the bedroom. If you’re fit enough to work up a light sweat without discomfort, you’re probably ready to take charge of your intimate life again.


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