National and Regional Surveys

Canadian Women’s and Physician Awareness and Preventive Actions for Cardiovascular Health

The CWHHC’s strategy and activities are based on the latest evidence on women and heart disease, including our own research. To make sure our programs meet the needs and wants of our target audience, the CWHHC commissioned regional and national surveys to gauge women’s awareness of issues related to heart health, their behaviour and motivations, and the barriers women face in trying to lead a heart-healthy life. More than 1,600 women were polled across Canada in Spring of 2013.  In addition, 150 healthcare providers in the Champlain region will be surveyed in Fall of 2013.  The results are to be published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2013.

Research Chair

The CWHHC is excited to be in the recruiting stage for a research chair dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular disease among women. The successful candidate, expected to be in place in 2014, will provide leadership and oversight to an array of primary and secondary preventive programs, with a focus on researching novel approaches to the prevention, early diagnosis and management of heart disease among women.  With a research chair bridging the academic and clinical worlds, the CWHHC will be able to bring advances in medical knowledge into the daily care of women with heart disease faster and more effectively.