Our Cause

Because cardiovascular disease is largely preventable, heart health is within the reach of every Canadian who chooses to take up the challenge.


Heart health is within the reach of everyone, but women are under-diagnosed, under-treated and under-studied when it comes to cardiovascular disease. As a result, heart disease is the number one killer of Canadian women, accounting for more deaths each year than all cancers combined. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre is dedicated to sparking the social change needed to close the gaps and ensure women are as well-informed and well-cared for as men. We want to see fewer women with reduced quality of life, fewer women in emergency rooms and dramatically fewer women dying from heart disease.

The CWHHC is drawing on the expertise of our world-renowned parent organization, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, to build programs that will:

  • Improve care;
  • Raise awareness of heart disease in women; and
  • Deepen knowledge through research specifically targeted to women


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