Participate in the campaign

Participate in the campaign

To help you do this, we have prepared a campaign toolkit with all the resources you need to join us. Use these resources to help plan your "Wear Red Canada" event.

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Campaign Plan 

Your how-to guide to help you understand our strategy, key messages we wish to communicate, and how to use the resources provided.  

Key Messages 

This campaign has 4 key messages that we want you to keep in mind when talking to people in your workplace and community about heart disease.

Email Strategy

Invite your colleagues and friends by sending them an email. Use our email template, attach one of the posters below and hit send!

Social Media Strategy

Use your professional or personal accounts to spread the messages. We suggest that you use our suggested posts in combination to keep a united front on the social media platform.

Additional Activity Inventory

For those who wish to do more and plan an event, here are some suggestions. An event could be setting up an information table/booth or having a lunch & learn.

Promotional Materials

Media Kit (coming soon)

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