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  • Photo of Maureen

    Women at Risk

    Maureen's Story

    Maureen is a 59 year old woman who is at-risk for heart disease. She has been diagnosed with diabetes. She is on the path to reduce her risk. Follow Maureen as she takes control of her heart health.

  • Photo of Lannie

    Heart Keepers

    Lannie's Story

    Lannie is a 65 year old Heart Keeper. She has struggled with her weight for many years while working and caring for a family. Join Lannie as she manages her heart health, and her weight in the process.

  • Photo of Maureen

    Woman with Heart Disease

    Diane's Story

    Diane is 55 year old woman living with heart disease. She never expected to have a heart attack and was shocked at her diagnosis. Join Diane as she learns to manage her heart disease and share some of the lessons she has learned.