New in research

Reducing risk of brain bleeding in women with atrial fibrillation

July 17, 2018, Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Among people with atrial fibrillation, direct oral anticoagulants were associated with lower risk of brain bleeding and lower risk of death in women, when compared to warfarin.

Use of and outcomes of bypass surgery in women

July 12, 2018, Journal of the American Heart Association

Among people with coronary artery disease, women were less likely to receive coronary artery bypass surgery than men, but more likely to die within 1 year of the surgery.

Weight gain and vascular health

June 28, 2018, Obesity Research and Clinical Practice

Long-term increases in weight and body fat percentage, specifically greater than 10kg or greater than 10% gain in body fat as well as waist circumference are associated with progressive worsening of microvascular endothelial function which in turn, initiates the development of plaque within the walls. Hence, the importance of avoiding weight gain with age as the primary means of preventing cardiovascular disease. To hear Dr. Coutinho's talk abiout what this means for women, click here.

Pregnancy and Cardiovascular Disease

June 22, 2018, Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine

This edition of the journal of Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine is entirely dedicated to Cardiovascular Diseases in Pregnancy! To hear Dr. Coutinho's key messages and implications for women, click here.  To read more on hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and cardiovascular diseases, please view the publication here.

Women and Smaller Coronary Arteries

June 20, 2018, International Journal of Cardiology

This study highlights that there is a link between reduced coronary arterial compliance (ability of the arteries to expand), microvascular function, and high blood pressure. Women’s smaller arteries can be subjected to higher stress which contributes to reducing their compliance.